Inviting Temptations

Irresistible dessert recipes with California Raisins created by the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines.


The Pastry Alliance of the Philippines’ primary goal is to promote awareness for the pastry and culinary arts industry as well as develop and showcase the multitude of talents in the Philippines.

Nothing excites us more than using the best ingredients on the market. California Raisins has consistently produced the most consistent and flavorful products we have encountered.

I am humbled and honored to have worked with all the brilliant professionals who make up this alliance for our 2nd California Raisins cookbook.

Their creativity and passion to their craft have made me proud to be a Filipino.

I would like to thank the Raisin Administrative Committee for the opportunity to collaborate on this project and for including us in their impressive roster of culinary professionals who have contributed to the earlier cookbooks.

I hope you enjoy this cookbook as much as we enjoyed making it.

Buddy Trinidad
President, Pastry Alliance of the Philippines

There are some who consider baking and pastry-making one of the humblest of the arts. But humility can be a strength, and not a weakness, because the more humble is a medium, the more humble an artist must be in order to lift the medium beyond the mundane. Baking and pastry-making both rely on humble media, consisting as they do of a profusion of seemingly unrelated and unruly ingredients. Yet in the hands of someone with a bit of creativity and discipline, even simple ingredients like California Raisins, sugar, flour and water can become the basis of works of art that “hit the spot” in a most satisfying way — that not merely gets the job done, but does so in a way that makes one’s journey through life a little more pleasant.

The Raisin Administrative Committee, a non-profit organization with representative offices promoting California Raisins to all relevant customers around the world, is privileged to be collaborating again with the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines (PAP) on this dessert and pastry cookbook.

Award-winning chefs of PAP have presented here their imaginative repertoire of desserts inspired by the versatility and functionality of California Raisins. This user-friendly volume features 20 delectable recipes that are enhanced by the flavor that can only be provided by California Raisins. An array of breads, pies, tarts, cakes, cookies and confections with a modern twist are included; their artful photographs illustrate the attractive presentations for sharing these luscious sweets.

We commend the chefs on these recipes, and hope that some of these ideas in turn will be passed on to others, who will filter them through their own experiences, tastes, creativity and discipline.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Raisin Administrative Committee

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