California Raisin and Apple Roulade

By Rizalino “Potpot” Mañas

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  • 1.

    To prepare the sabayon, use a whisk attachment to mix egg yolks, whole eggs and sugar together.

    In a different mixing bowl, whip egg whites and sugar to create a meringue mixture.

    Fold the sabayon and meringue mixture together. Add the flour.

    Spread the mixture on a silicon mat. Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes. Allow the baked sponge to cool before serving.

    To assemble, brush the sponge with the syrup spread and the raisin and apple mixture. Roll and dust with powdered sugar.

  • 2. California Raisin and Apple Mixture

    In a sauce pan, combine the sugar and butter on low heat until the mixture turns to a caramel color. Add the apples and raisins followed by the apple liqueur. Gradually add the cream and cook until the apples become soft. Remember not to overcook the apples. Finally, add the gelatin and cook the mixture on medium heat. Allow to cool.

  • 3. Syrup Spread

    Mix together until sugar completely dissolves. Chill in the refrigerator.