California Raisin Bar


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  • 1. California Raisin Paste

    oak California Raisins in rum for 12hrs.

    Mix pectin with 100g sugar. Add pineapple purée and beetroot juice, and bring to a boil.

    Add in glucose and 400g sugar. Cook to 106°C or 75°Brix in refractometer.

    Add citric acid and allow to cool.

    In a food processor, blend the warm pineapple paste with the rum-soaked California Raisins gently to get a coarse texture of raisins.

    Pour the paste into a frame of 4mm thickness, and set aside.

  • 2. Hazelnut Puffy Rice Crispy

    Combine Guanaja Lactee with cocoa butter, and melt to approximately 38°C. Then add to the hazelnut praline and paste.

    Gently incorporate the chopped puff rice crispy, making sure that the puff rice crispy is well coated.

    Immediately pour the mixture on top of the hardened pineapple paste to a thickness of 5mm (total 9mm with the pineapple paste).

  • 3. GARNISH

    Alpaco 66% dark couverture

    Lollipop stick

    Metallic red colourant


    Temper Alpaco 66% dark couverture and pour over a frame with plastic acetate underneath. The thickness of couverture is approximately 1 to 1.5mm.

    Before it fully crystalises, cut the couverture to a size of 8cm x 4cm and leave aside. Place the layered hazelnut puff rice crispy and pineapple California Raisin paste on top of a piece of couverture and allow to crystalise.

    Cut the whole chocolate bar and sandwich the other side with another piece of dark couverture sheet.

    For extra finishing, place a ‘handle’, like a lollipop stick, to the corner of the chocolate bar and brush gently with metallic red colourant.