California Raisin Tenderness with Stewed Berries


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  • 1. California Raisin Tenderness

    Soak California Raisins in rum and 30g sugar overnight.

    In a mixer, beat butter with 400g sugar, and add eggs gradually. Add the soaked California Raisins, sifted flour and the rest of the dry ingredients.

    Bake in convection oven at 160°C for 45mins.

  • 2. Almond Crumble

    Mix all the ingredients together and store in the refrigerator for at least 6hrs before baking.

    Bake at 170°C for 30 mins. Set aside to cool.

  • 3. Stewed Berries

    Heat up frozen red berries with raspberry purée and sugar to 45°C.

    Add in corn flour and lemon zest. Cook until the mixture boils and then set aside.

  • 4. Green Macaron Shell

    Make a paste out of almond powder, icing sugar, colour power and 90g egg white.

    Cook sugar and water to 118°C. Pour the syrup over egg white and lightly whip to realise an Italian meringue.

    Keep whipping until it reaches 35°C, then slowly mix it into the almond paste until smooth and shiny dough.

    Pipe macarons of 3cm diameter onto a parchment paper. Bake on double sheet pan in a deck oven at 150°C for 11mins.

  • 5. Vanilla Whipping Cream

    Whip up cream with icing sugar and keep refrigerated until needed.

  • 6. GARNISH

    California Raisins



    Brush the stewed berries in one line in the centre of a plate.

    Place the California Raisin Tenderness in the middle of the stewed berries line, pipe vanilla whipping cream on the top of it, and place California Raisins and the almond crumble on the stewed berries.

    Break the macaron into small pieces. Place them on top the stewed berries together with some raspberries and California Raisins.