Lamb Medallion with Caponata & Zucchini Roulade, California Raisin & Caper Dressing

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  • 1. Spice Mix

    Combine ingredients for spice mix and rub the mix evenly over the lamb medallions. Marinate the lamb for 1 hr before cooking.

    Sear the marinated lamb loin over high heat in a saute pan until brown. Roast in the preheated oven at 120°C for approximately 5-10 mins or until medium doneness. Keep aside and allow meat to rest.

  • 2. Caponata and Zucchini Roulade

    Sweat onions and garlic with olive oil for 2 mins, add eggplant, capsicum, celery, olives and cook for a further 3 mins. Add diced tomatoes, red wine vinegar and honey. Simmer for 3 mins and toss in the California Raisins and toasted pine nuts.

    Lay the zucchini ribbons one over the other, overlapping each ribbon by about 10mm, on a large sheet of cling film until it forms a 15cmx12cm rectangle. Spread some caponata mixture over the zucchini ribbons, about 3mm thick, and place one cooked lamb loin along the middle of the sheet. Shape the filling into a compact log and fold both ends of the zucchini sheet and roll upwards firmly to enclose the filling. Twist and tie both ends to form a log. Repeat to make the remaining lamb rolls. Slice to desired thickness and serve with California Raisin and caper dressing.

  • 3. California Raisin and Caper Dressing

    Rehydrate the California Raisins by cooking in simmering water until raisins are soft and plump. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to boil. Add agar agar powder and mix evenly. Cool and set in refrigerator.

    Blitz mixture in a commercial blender until finely pureed and pass the mixture through an extra fine sieve.


    Pour the mixture into a small disposable piping bag and secure the bag tightly. Serve the roulade of lamb medallion with the dressing.