Rustic Rye Bread with California Raisin Starter




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  • 1. California Raisin Starter (The Chef’s Dough)

    Cover California Raisins and sugar with 800ml water, and leave in a jar in a warm place at 25°C for about 7 days.

    When small bubbles have formed in the jar, remove juice from the soaked raisins. Mix 500ml of this juice with 750g bread flour in a bowl. Let it rest for 6hrs.

    After the dough has doubled in volume, add 500ml water and 750g of bread flour to it.

    Knead for 5mins at first speed in a mixer. Let it rise at room temperature.

    After it has doubled in volume, chill it for 3 days at room temperature 20°C to 22°C.

  • 2. Fermented Dough

    Mix bread flour, water and Chef ’s Dough in a mixer, knead for 10mins at first speed.

    Leave the dough to prove for 16hrs at 12°C, cover it with cling film so it does not dry out.

  • 3. Rye Dough

    Place all the ingredients except the raisins in the mixer and knead for 12mins at first speed. The dough’s final temperature must be 24°C.

    Mix in California Raisins until well mixed, but only for a few mins, so as not to crush the raisins. Let the dough prove in bulk for 20mins.

    Weigh 60g of dough for a roll and 300g for a loaf. Shape the dough into balls and let rest for 20mins.

    Shape rolls and loaves by hand, sprinkle some bread flour. Let them rise for 1hr at 25°C. Score the rolls and loaves with scissors before baking.

    Bake the rolls and loaves in a deck oven at 210°C; 25mins for the bread rolls and 35mins for the loaves.