Sous Vide Baltic Salmon with Spiced California Raisin & Tomato Chutney

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  • 1. California Raisin and Tomato Chutney IngredIents

    Part 1
    Heat stockpot, add sugar and caramelise. Add in California Raisins, orange juice, water and orange zest and simmer for 15 mins. When done, set aside.

    Part 2
    Heat a little oil in another pot, saute the onions and add in the tomatoes. Continue to cook until the tomatoes are dry. Then add water, cinnamon stick, coriander and cumin powder. Cook until all the water evaporates and then add in Part 1 and continue to cook until mixture achieves chutney consistency. Remove from heat.

  • 2. Yuzu Cream

    Soak gelatin sheet in ice water until it softens. Remove from water and squeeze dry.

    In a pot, mix yuzu paste, cream and lemon juice. Bring mixture to a simmer and add in gelatin sheet. Stir well and strain mixture before pouring into a container and transfer to the chiller to set.

    When set, whisk yuzu cream until smooth and transfer into a piping bag in preparation for plating.

  • 3. Celeriac Remoulade

    Mix celeriac, shallots, lemon zest, orange zest, lemon juice, chives, sour cream and mayonnaise in a mixing bowl. Mix well and season with salt and pepper to taste.

  • 4. Sous Vide of Baltic Salmon

    Season salmon fillet with sugar and salt. Set aside to marinate for half an hour.

    Cut cooked salmon into 4cm length and remove cling wrap. Set aside.

  • 5. Garnish

    In a pot, mix California Raisins, sugar, water, orange juice, lemon juice and bring to a simmer for 30 mins.

    Allow mixture to cool before blending the mixture into a puree. Strain through a fine sieve and set aside to cool.


    Pipe yuzu cream onto a plate and garnish with dried tomato chips and baby cress. Add a quenelle of celeriac remoulade at the side. Place the salmon on top and garnish with California Raisin and tomato chutney.