Summer Composition with California Raisins


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  • 1. Peach Sorbet

    Combine peach purée and dry lavender, and infuse for 24hrs.

    Warm water to 40°C, then add sugar and glucose powder.

    When the sugared water reaches 45°C, add stabiliser. Cook until 85°C for 1min and cool down on ice.

    Combine the peach purée with dry lavender, peach liquor and peach paste.

    Blend the mixture until smooth and rest overnight in the refrigerator. Blend again and churn in an ice cream machine.

  • 2. Kurozato Sugar and Licorice Base

    Cream butter and icing sugar.

    Sieve flour with licorice powder and add to the butter mixture.

    Add crushed hard boiled egg yolks and Kurozato sugar.

    Roll this dough out to about 5mm and bake on silpan at 160°C for 40mins.

    Cool down and process into powder.

    Melt cocoa butter and add to the Kurozato powder.

    Add hazelnuts and pop rocks.

    Put 20g of the mixture in each 5cm ring and set in the refrigerator.

  • 3. Marinated California Golden and Natural Raisins in Floral Juice

    Warm water to 50°C and add rose buds, hibiscus, rosehip, and wild cherries. Infuse for at least 5hrs.

    Strain the juice and warm to 50°C.

    Pour the warm infusion and agave syrup over the California Raisins and let them soak for 24 hrs.

    Drain the needed quantity for assembly (about 10 pcs per plate).

  • 4. California Raisins, Licorice and Peach Cream

    Blanch sugar and egg yolks. Add licorice powder.

    Add peach purée and cook until like a crème anglaise.

    Add gelatin and chopped California Raisins. Blend with a blender until the mixture is smooth.

    Pour in 50g white chocolate and 50g cocoa powder demi sphere 3cm diameter moulds and let it set in the refrigerator.

    Before assembly, join two demi spheres together and spray with a chocolate mixture of 50g white chocolate and 50g cocoa butter.

  • 5. California Natural Raisins and Peach Compote

    Combine sugar and pectin and add to peach purée. Add California Raisins and heat mixture to a boil.

    Turn down the fire and add diced peach, cook for 1 min and cool down on ice.

  • 6. Peach Espuma

    In a saucepan, add cream, sugar and peach paste. Heat to 85°C and add gelatin.

    Cool down on ice and strain over peach purée. Add peach powder.

    Blend and pour the mixture into an iSi espuma bottle. Insert gas with one cream charger.

  • 7. GARNISH

    Gold leaves


    Place a Kurozato sugar and licorice base in the middle of a plate.

    Top with some California Natural Raisins and peach compote.

    Place some marinated California Raisins around and top with a few gold leaves.

    Scoop a ball of peach sorbet onto the middle of the Kurozato sugar and licorice base and place the white chocolate cylinder on it.

    Top with espuma and cover with a disc of white chocolate.

    Lastly, place the ball filled with California Raisins, licorice and peach cream on top of the white chocolate disc.