The Singapore Pastry Alliance prides ourselves in our continuous efforts to inspire and educate the pastry professionals in Singapore.

We would like to thank the Raisin Administrative Committee for giving us this platform to showcase the breads and desserts we have dreamed up. Bakers and pastry chefs love quality ingredients, and the natural sweetness and characteristics of the California Raisins have always been a favourite.

Desserts are an integral part of the dining experience as it is the finale. The twenty pastry chefs and bakers have created their best with this collection of recipes and put them on this sweet stage. To fit in with the theme, we are proud to turn up in our Western suits instead of our usual chef uniforms, to add on to the glamour factor. We hope these recipes will show the wonders of California Raisins and inspire pastry chefs to keep on creating that glamorous finish to any dining experience.

Kenny Kong
President, Singapore Pastry Alliance

The Raisin Administrative Committee is a non-profit organisation that promotes California Raisins to all relevant customers and has representative offices around the world, promoting California Raisins.

The Raisin Administrative Committee is once again very delighted and proud to work with the Singapore Pastry Alliance in producing this second collection of top-class California Raisin recipes. The first collaboration attracted a lot of compliments on the skills of the pastry chefs and bakers showcasing the versatility of California Raisins. Few ingredients are indeed as easy to use as California Raisins.

It is a privilege to work with these talented chefs over the years and the California Raisin industry is grateful to the Singapore Pastry Alliance for its support over the years and look forward to more opportunities to work together.

Larry Blagg
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Raisin Administrative Committee