Online dating service in China. Present situation

Online dating service in China. Present situation

The info from iResearch shows the marketplace size of Asia online dating services will increase from 487 million Yuan, 2010 to 1.9 billion Yuan, with a yearly compound that is average price of 31.3%, method more than that of United States market which will be 3.4%.

Rank Internet Site Popularity Share Of The Market


Market share

1 12 months ago

1 Jiayuan 72.77 54.33percent 48.54percent ^ 5.78%
2 Zhenai 14.44 10.77% 11.5percent v 0.73%
3 Baihe 11.50 8.58% 9.59% v 1.01%
4 ??? 6.73 5.02percent 5.73% v 0.71%
5 ???? 5.05 3.77percent 3.99percent v 0.23%
6 ???? russianbrides? 4.20 3.13percent 2.99percent ^ 0.14%
7 ??? 3.83 2.85per cent 3.8percent v 0.95%
8 ?? 100 ??? 2.75 2.05percent 2.33% v 0.28%
9 ??????? 2.19 1.63% 3.17percent v 1.54%
10 ?????? 2.19 1.63% 1.95percent v 0.32%
11 ??? 1.50 1.11percent 1.3percent v 0.2%
12 ????? 1.34 1% 1.02% v 0.03%
13 ?????? 1.05 0.78percent 0.7percent ^ 0.07%
14 ??? 0.83 0.61percent 0.66percent v 0.05%
15 ???? 0.74 0.55percent N/A ^ 0.55%
16 ??? 0.68 0.5percent 0.62percent v 0.12%
17 ????? 0.64 0.47% N/A ^ 0.47%
18 ???? 0.59 0.44percent N/A ^ 0.44%
19 ????? 0.51 0.38percent 0.67percent v 0.29%
20 ????? 0.40 0.29percent 0.5percent v 0.21%

As shown when you look at the dining table, industry is fairly mature with a very concentration level. In 2012, the greatest 3 internet site simply take 73.7% regarding the market, at precisely the same time, the initial 10 internet sites have actually occupied 93.81%.

Having said that, the company mode have not changed basically, very nearly away from date.


Users don’t stay for a time that is long

The users of on the web site that is dating clear target: to locate their skip. Or Mr. Right. Therefore after finding the main one they desire, they will stop utilising the web web site. As Muyan, Baihe ( No. 3 dating website in Asia) claims, one account frequently remain active for 6 month to at least one 12 months.

Few clients are having to pay individual

The No. 1 website, Jiayuan, has just about 550,000 spending users each month, with 35 million users as a whole. The portion of having to pay users is 1.6%


Not enough relationship

This is certainly an average design of Chinese dating internet site: fundamental personal information + conversation. Nonetheless, the four choices right here, “send text”, “say hello”, “send gift” and “follow her” aren’t sufficient appealing. Once I see this, personally i think that the profile like reading specifications of a device.

No follow-up service

After wedding, partners also provide requirements like consultancy which are often built-into these websites. Whilst in reality, no body achieved it.

Insufficient focus

Browsing among tens of millions of applicants from various walks of life, from young to old…, users need to invest long and you can find constantly unreal information to care. It’s a hefty task for everybody.

No service that is relevant

Many online dating sites just provides dating and matching solution. The details about appropriate solution such as for example wedding photography, wedding banquet, vacation booking can be found on hardly these websites.

Minimal dependability

Final thirty days, a woman from Beijing met a guy claiming himself as a “project manager”. This person invited her to see his “project” and throughout the journey the lady suffered automobile accident. Nevertheless, she got no care from the “project manager” and impose fist from even him. Relating to a study from Shanghai Morning, very nearly 30% users have observed this issue.


New items

Besides dating solution, online dating sites are now actually attempting brand new product around wedding such as for example B2C shop online. As an example, Jiayuan created their web store “Que” by the finish of a year ago, providing appropriate solution like marriage ceremony, photography.


Family and marriage counselor had been acquiesced by Chinese government in 2007. Using the authorization by federal government, forex trading will expand faster in the future.

Genuine title

Baihe started initially to push its users to place genuine title and personal data online at the end of a year ago. By this real method, Baihe aimed to truly save plenty of dilemmas such as for instance identification and credibility because of its users. And from now on other web sites are trying this.