Cakes and Pastries

California Raisin & Beetroot CroissantBy California RaisinsYong Ming Choong| Executive Pastry Chef, Mandarin Oriental Singapore I was inspired by one of my traditional childhood games, "Gasing Top", to create this California Raisin beetroot croissant as the shape and spiral patterns on the croissant resembles the spinning top. Working on this recipe brought back memories of my kampong days and gave me ideas on how I can entice my son to enjoy croissants and California Raisins for breakfast and as a snack.
California Raisin, Mango & Pineapple BunBy California RaisinsSteven Ong | Assistant Director, Culinary Studies (Pastry and Baking), SHATEC Institutes I have been enjoying California Raisins since I was a kid. I knew that most of my snacks weren't too healthy, but little did I know that California Raisins were the exact opposite! It's a nutritious food, and this creation combines all my childhood favourites - California Raisins, mango and pineapple - in a buttery bun.
California Raisin Coconut DomeBy California RaisinsGary Lim | Baking & Culinary Science Instructor, Temasek Polytechnic I was inspired by the local kaya toast to create this California Raisin coconut dome. The natural sweetness and slight fruitiness of the California Golden Raisins balance the flavour profile of the pandan coconut custard.
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