California Raisins and Lime Cheese Tart

AuthorCalifornia Raisins

By Chef Judy Koh

Raisin and Lime Cheese Tart
Yields1 Serving
( Ingredient portions are for 2x 7inch squares)
Ingredients for tart base(7inch square x 2 nos)
 100 g butter
 80 g icing sugar
 1 g salt
 40 g egg
 300 g plain flour
Raisin Jam layer
 300 g California raisins
 Zest of 5 limes
Ingredients for cream cheese filling
 10 g gelatine powder
 150 g water
 120 g sugar
 250 g cream cheese
 50 g California raisins
 40 g lime juice
 1 tsp lime zest(from about 2 limes)
 60 g Whipped cream<