Slow Cooked Duck Breast Stuffed with California Raisins in Panaeng Sauce

AuthorCalifornia Raisins

Chef Pakpoom Jitprapai
Culinary Director, PJ Culinary Studio by Terrace 61
Advisor, Siam Business Administration Technological College (SBAC)

slow cooked duck breast stuffed with california raisins in panaeng sauce
Yields4 Servings
Total Time1 hr
Slow Cooked Duck Breast
 60 g California Raisins
 600 g Duck Breast
 100 g Red Curry Paste
 500 ml Coconut Milk
 20 g Ground Peanuts, roasted
 1 g Coriander Seed Powder
 15 ml Oil
 3 g Kaffir Lime Leaves
 15 ml Fish Sauce
 15 g Palm Sugar
Duck Breast (Stuffed)
 45 g California Raisins
 200 g Duck Thigh
 20 g Pumpkin Seeds
 10 g Egg White
 30 g Red Curry Paste
 5 ml Fish Sauce
 20 g California Raisin Rum Paste*
 20 g Okra
 20 g Asparagus
 10 g Carrots
 10 g Baby Corn
 5 ml Oil
 2.50 g Salt
Vegetable Noodles
 60 g Vegetable Egg Noodles
 15 ml Oil
 5 g Salt
 2000 ml Water
 15 ml Coconut Cream
 2 g Kaffir Lime Leaves, nely sliced
 2 g Red Chilli, seeded, nely sliced
Duck Breast (Stuffed)

Marinate duck breast with curry paste and 1 pinch of salt.


Make an incision in the duck breast to create a pocket inside the breast meat.


Make the stuffing by mincing the duck thigh and seasoning with red curry paste, fish sauce, palm sugar and egg whites. Once well combined, add pumpkin seeds and raisins.


Put the stuffing in a piping bag and insert into duck breast. Reserve in the refrigerator.


Prepare panaeng sauce by heating oil and then adding red curry paste. Cook over low heat until fragrant. Add coconut milk and season with coriander seed powder, fish sauce, palm sugar, ground roasted peanuts, raisins and shredded kaffir lime leaves.


Place duck breast in panaeng sau