California Raisin Chicken Roulade with California Raisin Port Wine Reduction

AuthorCalifornia Raisins

Chef Prachan Vong-Uthaiphan
Executive Chef, Arnoma Grand Hotel Bangkok

california raisin chicken roulade with california raisin port wine reduction
Yields4 Servings
Total Time50 mins
Chicken Roulade
 100 g California Raisins
 400 g Chicken Breast
 150 g Chicken, minced
 15 g Garlic, chopped
 50 g Onions, chopped
 1 Sprig Fresh Thyme
 50 ml White Wine
 15 g Unsalted Butter
 Salt and Pepper
California Raisin Port ine Reduction
 80 g California Raisins
 200 ml Port Wine
 30 ml Balsamic Vinegar
 100 ml Brown Stock
 Salt and Pepper
Potato Croquette
 150 g Potatoes
 60 ml Fresh Milk
 30 g Whipping Cream
 1 pinch Nutmeg Powder
 1 cup Bread Crumbs
 1 cup All Purpose Flour
 1 Egg (Beaten)
 Salt and Pepper
 Oil, for deep frying
Sauteed Vegetables
 4 pcs Baby Carrots
 60 g Green Peas
 4 pcs Baby Asparagus
 50 g Sweet Peas
 4 pcs Cherry Tomatoes
 15 g Butter
 Salt and Pepper
Chicken Roulade

Butterfly the chicken breast meat and flatten with a tenderizer. Season with salt and pepper.


Saute California Raisins with onions, butter, garlic, thyme and white wine until soft. Allow to cool and then mix with the cooked minced chicken. Knead the mixture until ingredients are well combined. Season with salt and pepper.


Roll the stuffing with the chicken breast meat and wrap with cling film tightly. Poach the chicken roulade in hot water for 25 minutes.

California Raisin Port Wine Reduction

In a hot pan, combine the port wine and raisins until the raisins are soft and the liquid is reduced.