California Raisin & Pine Nut-crusted Beef Tenderloin with Seasonal Vegetables, Pumpkin Purée & California Raisin Port Wine JusBy California RaisinsMatthew Yim | Executive Chef, SATS Institutional Catering, SATS Ltd A versatile ingredient that's not overpowering, California Raisins have the right balance of sweetness, acidity and texture to complement the flavour of beef and can be used in a wide variety of recipes, from condiments and appetisers to cocktail bites, tapas, main courses and desserts.
Confit of Duck with Spiced California Raisins & Orange Liqueur Yuzu GlazeBy California RaisinsEdmund Toh | Director of Culinary Studies & Chief Culinary Consultant, SHATEC Institutes I've used the sous vide technique for this recipe as it retains the moisture and flavour of the duck and keeps the flesh tender. California Raisins complement the Asian spices in the marinade, while the acidity of the yuzu glaze infused with orange liqueur adds a unique twist and dimension of taste.
Honey Sriracha Chicken with Pearl Barley, Asparagus & California Raisin & Corn SalsaBy California RaisinsDerek Ang | Group General Manager, Grain Inspired by the Thai street food dish of gai yang, the chicken is grilled in a spicy honey sriracha sauce that tantalises the taste buds. The pearl barley, asparagus and corn salsa pair well with this healthy take on the quintessential Thai favourite, while the California Raisins add extra sweetness to complement the spiciness of the chicken.
White Gazpacho with California Raisins & Dill YoghurtBy California RaisinsToni Robertson | Executive Chef, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Quick and easy, this is an ideal vegetarian dish for a weekend brunch or as a light meal any day. It’s delicious on its own and goes well with any egg dish, grilled fish or meat, a bowl of fresh salad or simply with cheese and wine. The tanginess of the dill yoghurt and the touch of sweetness from the California Raisins give this dish a refreshing lift.
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