California Raisin Christmas PinoyttoneBy California RaisinsWILBURT C. WONG The Christmas Pinoyttone is a tribute to the Filipino’s love of bread and celebrations. Adorned with vodka-soaked California Raisins, Filipino Christmas ham, moringa flakes, desiccated coconut, and finally glazed with the reduction of the soaked California Raisins, this bread is truly worthy of a celebration.
California Raisin and Bacon Pull-Apart BreadBy California RaisinsJOCELYN P. VENES This California Raisin and Bacon Pull-Apart Bread is what dreams are made of. It’s rich, moist, tender, fluffy, buttery and loaded with layers of California Raisins, bacon and walnut that explodes with flavor and texture. The raisin paste gives these rolls a complex flavor and a slight acidity to balance the natural sweetness.
California Raisin Sourdough Country Beer Bread Baked In Cast IronBy California RaisinsKRISTINE I. MATEO The natural California Raisin yeast starter in this bread gives it a more complex and interesting aroma and flavor. Beer is also used instead of water for the final dough to produce a tangy, rustic and authentic taste. The finished product was baked in a cast iron pot to create a steamy environment that results in a fantastic crispy crust and a coarse texture reminiscent of a true country bread.
Tropical California Raisin LoafBy California RaisinsELVER E. LAGAMON Take a tropical experience with the best tropical fruits the Philippines has to offer. Every bite of this flavorsome, moist and chunky California Raisin loaf transports you to the wonders of a tropical land. An easy to bake recipe but surely, a remarkable treat for everyone.
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