Cakes and Pastries

California Raisin Mango CakeBy California RaisinsFEIL OLIVE ANNE M. VIGILLA Marrying California Raisins with the dried mangoes from Cebu makes this cake a winner. Crafted with ingredients that are available all year-round, you do not have to worry about not having this cake whenever you want. Enjoy these cakes guilt-free as these fruits are rich with antioxidants and essential nutrients such as fiber, potassium and iron.
California Raisin Puto PaoBy California RaisinsCARLA L. VALENCIA A culinary hybrid of two well-loved Asian treats-Puto and Siopao. This steamed white cake is made with asado filling sweetened naturally with California Raisins. It is given a unique twist with the addition of California Raisins for the cheese topping.
California Raisin Granola Mini Cake LogBy California RaisinsGERARDO S. MENDOZA Enjoy the taste and health benefits of crunchy granola rich in honey, toasted oats, and California Raisins. This cake loaf is made with butter, eggs, fresh milk, a tinge of vanilla and cinnamon flavors, and enriched with moist and juicy California Raisins. It is a perfect match for your favorite tea or coffee anytime of the day.
California Raisin Rum Butter CakeBy California RaisinsJAMES R. MAGOS This rich dense butter cake, filled with California Raisins and walnuts soaked in rum, has an incredibly moist texture and rich flavor that isdeeply satisfying. This traditional cake goes well with coffee or tea for breakfast or an afternoon snack or serve it with ice cream for that perfect dessert experience. The caramel rum sauce makes an excellent final touch to this delightful cake.
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