Cakes and Pastries

Hazelnut Financiers with Grand Marnier Infused California RaisinsBy California RaisinsSHEENA LOREN L. GO These light French pastries traditionally baked in rectangular molds are said to resemble bars of gold. Indulge in these luxurious treats made even better with its surprise California Raisins center, the addition of nutty buttery hazelnut and orange notes from a splash of Grand Marnier.
Cheesy California Raisin EnsaymadaBy California RaisinsROYCE GERALD CHUA Ensaymadas may have originated from a Spanish Mallorcan pastry but the cheese topping and the use of butter instead of pork lard is a uniquely Filipino twist. This soft ensaymada is delicious on its own but filling it with California Raisins gives a natural sweetness and fruitiness to the product. The sweet and savory elements from the California Raisin Filling and the Cheddar cheese will surely make this bread a staple in every Filipino household.
California Raisin Custard Filled DoughnutsBy California RaisinsROCHE GERALDYN L. CHUA A doughnut is a surefire way to lighten up your mood! These California Raisin custard filled doughnuts are a delicious and comforting treat. With each bite, you get two contrasting textures of light and fluffy exterior, alongside that smooth and creamy custard-raisin interior.
Earl Grey and California Raisin Tea CakeBy California RaisinsLALAINE A. BATACLAN A delectable novel idea of having your tea and cake in one. A fragrant and flavorful light cake highlighting notes of Earl Grey Tea with the perfect balance of sweetness and moistness from California Raisins. Truly a homage to an English Tea tradition in sunny California!!
California Raisin LamingtonBy California RaisinsRYAN EEDION O. ALONZO California Raisins, chantilly cream and dark chocolate. These soft sponge cake rectangles spoil us with rich dark chocolate, luscious chantilly cream, and naturally sweet, no-added sugar California Raisins. This product is simple to make, has non-intimidating elegance, and easily enjoyable by anyone.
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