Kue BatikBy California RaisinsPopular non bake snack/ cake most ideally presented as engagement exchange gifts and also popularly served at parties and gatherings. Called batik cake due to it’s batik like patterns from the crushed biscuits.
California Raisin Christmas PinoyttoneBy California RaisinsWILBURT C. WONG The Christmas Pinoyttone is a tribute to the Filipino’s love of bread and celebrations. Adorned with vodka-soaked California Raisins, Filipino Christmas ham, moringa flakes, desiccated coconut, and finally glazed with the reduction of the soaked California Raisins, this bread is truly worthy of a celebration.
California Raisin Puto PaoBy California RaisinsCARLA L. VALENCIA A culinary hybrid of two well-loved Asian treats-Puto and Siopao. This steamed white cake is made with asado filling sweetened naturally with California Raisins. It is given a unique twist with the addition of California Raisins for the cheese topping.
California Golden Raisin and Mango Pocket PiesBy California RaisinsADRIAN L. REDONDO The light, delicate crispy crust makes you want to take a bite as soon as the aroma of a freshly baked pie fills the air. The filling, a combination ofCalifornia Golden Raisins, tangy mango bits and sugary mango sauce,could not be more perfect. These pocket pies can be made ahead and can go directly from the freezer to the fryer or to the oven any time of the day. Serve it as a refreshing snack or a dessert to cap off a meal.
California Raisin Granola Mini Cake LogBy California RaisinsGERARDO S. MENDOZA Enjoy the taste and health benefits of crunchy granola rich in honey, toasted oats, and California Raisins. This cake loaf is made with butter, eggs, fresh milk, a tinge of vanilla and cinnamon flavors, and enriched with moist and juicy California Raisins. It is a perfect match for your favorite tea or coffee anytime of the day.
California Raisin Cinnamon Loaf BreadBy California RaisinsNINOH Z. JALLORES The star of this California Raisins Cinnamon Loaf Bread lies in the filling. California Raisins is the perfect partner for this smooth cinnamon filling. It’s a loaf worthy of any celebration, even if it is just your daily tea or coffee ritual, providing you a sense of hominess and comfort on any given day.
California Raisin Custard Filled DoughnutsBy California RaisinsROCHE GERALDYN L. CHUA A doughnut is a surefire way to lighten up your mood! These California Raisin custard filled doughnuts are a delicious and comforting treat. With each bite, you get two contrasting textures of light and fluffy exterior, alongside that smooth and creamy custard-raisin interior.
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