Le Jardin with California RaisinsBy California RaisinsThen Chui Foong | Chef-Instructor, School of Hospitality, Republic Polytechnic I have used California Raisins with vegetables, seeds, oats and nuts to create this dessert. The addition of California Raisins, which combine well with different ingredients, gives the end product a natural sweetness without affecting its texture.
California Raisin Oat Milk Gelato, Pistachio Semifreddo & Pistachio DacquoiseBy California RaisinsEsther Cheng | Owner & Chef, Milk & Honey Group Pte Ltd When we think of adding California Raisins to gelato recipes, it is common to think of rum and raisin. I wanted to do something different that would also appeal to many and the idea of creating a twist on oatmeal raisin cookies struck me: it is my favourite treat.
California Raisin Coconut DomeBy California RaisinsGary Lim | Baking & Culinary Science Instructor, Temasek Polytechnic I was inspired by the local kaya toast to create this California Raisin coconut dome. The natural sweetness and slight fruitiness of the California Golden Raisins balance the flavour profile of the pandan coconut custard.
California Raisin Imperial Chicken Sandwich with California Raisin, Mango & Cucumber Salsa, 62-degree Egg & Cajun Hand-cut Potato WedgesBy California RaisinsElvin Chew | Head Chef, The Sapling, a SHATEC Restaurant, SHATEC Institutes The idea behind this recipe is to incorporate the sweetness of California Raisins into an Asian sauce that has a sweet and sour profile, and which pairs well with chicken. The addition of California Raisins to the salsa also lends texture and fruitiness, and gives the dish that extra oomph.
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