California Raisin Carrot CakeBy California RaisinsPang Kok Keong | Owner & Chef, Sugar Daddy Group I've incorporated California Raisins into both the carrot cake and cremeux, which is a classic French preparation of a creamy texture. The spices used pair perfectly with the earthy tones of the California Raisins, and the cremeux lends a luscious, velvety mouthfeel to this dessert. To render this treat lighter and more interesting, I've replaced the traditional cream cheese frosting with soy cream cheese mousse.
California Raisin, Pear & Beetroot EntremetBy California RaisinsJason Tan | Senior Chef-Instructor, Pastry & Baking, At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy In choosing the fruits and vegetables to complement California Raisins, I picked beetroot due to its earthy notes, which marry the flavour of California Raisins beautifully, while the pear bridges these two ingredients together to bring out the sweetness and taste of the California Raisins.
California Raisin & Pumpkin DuetBy California RaisinsJack Goh | Section Head, Baking & Pastry, School of Hospitality, ITE College West This dessert highlights the natural flavour and sweetness of California Raisins while enhancing the mellow taste of pumpkin.
California Raisin Oat Milk Gelato, Pistachio Semifreddo & Pistachio DacquoiseBy California RaisinsEsther Cheng | Owner & Chef, Milk & Honey Group Pte Ltd When we think of adding California Raisins to gelato recipes, it is common to think of rum and raisin. I wanted to do something different that would also appeal to many and the idea of creating a twist on oatmeal raisin cookies struck me: it is my favourite treat.
California Raisin & Pumpkin Strudel with Sour Cream Parfait Lollipop & California Raisin Custard SauceBy California RaisinsEdwin Leow | Assistant Pastry Chef, Le Meridien Singapore, Sentosa This is a modern interpretation of a strudel. I paired pumpkin with California Raisins as baked pumpkin has a distinctive taste that complements the natural sweetness of California Raisins perfectly. Orange lends a refreshing twist and the technique of twisting when dipping the sour cream parfait lollipop adds a contemporary touch.
California Raisin & Vegan Pistachio WaffleBy California RaisinsDylan Ooi | Owner & Founder, The Gelato Connection Pte Ltd The addition of California Raisins to the waffle, syrup and jelly lends extra taste, colour and textural interest to this dessert, and showcases a different perspective of a much-loved, classic treat.
California Raisin, Tomato & Strawberry CombinationBy California RaisinsBen Goh | Pastry Chef, InterContinental Singapore This is a simple and delightful dessert that allows the inherent flavours of the key ingredients to shine through. The sweetness of the California Raisins tempers the natural acidity of the juicy tomatoes and enhances the overall dish.
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