California Raisin and Bacon Pull-Apart BreadBy California RaisinsJOCELYN P. VENES This California Raisin and Bacon Pull-Apart Bread is what dreams are made of. It’s rich, moist, tender, fluffy, buttery and loaded with layers of California Raisins, bacon and walnut that explodes with flavor and texture. The raisin paste gives these rolls a complex flavor and a slight acidity to balance the natural sweetness.
California Raisin Puto PaoBy California RaisinsCARLA L. VALENCIA A culinary hybrid of two well-loved Asian treats-Puto and Siopao. This steamed white cake is made with asado filling sweetened naturally with California Raisins. It is given a unique twist with the addition of California Raisins for the cheese topping.
California Raisin Custard Filled DoughnutsBy California RaisinsROCHE GERALDYN L. CHUA A doughnut is a surefire way to lighten up your mood! These California Raisin custard filled doughnuts are a delicious and comforting treat. With each bite, you get two contrasting textures of light and fluffy exterior, alongside that smooth and creamy custard-raisin interior.
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